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Liz Smith

Wellington New Zealand
I am a co-founder of Litmus a specialist private sector evaluation company based in Wellington New Zealand and active across Australasia. My evaluation journey started more than 20 years ago as a nurse in the John Radcliffe Hospital Oxford when assessing the effects of a new nursing practice on patients’ health experiences. Since then I have been involved in more than 50 evaluations, mostly in the health, justice and social sectors with a focus on improving health and wellbeing outcomes. My evaluation practice is driven by my goal of contributing to the creation of equitable health care systems that offer positive patient experiences and outcomes. Currently, I am leading multi-disciplinary teams in a number of long-term evaluations: the Bowel Cancer Screening Pilot in New Zealand, the Cancer Nurse Coordinator Initiative, and the Alcohol and Drug Treatment Court Pilot. I am also involved in rapid response evaluations that offer timely and relevant insights to inform programme decisions such as the Rheumatic Fever Prevention Programme and youth alcohol and drug services. In my evaluation practice, I engage in participatory processes to meaningfully include diverse communities, service providers, stakeholders and key decision-makers. My practice is based on ethical principles recognising that evaluation can unintentionally reinforce existing inequalities. I acknowledge the boundaries of my practice and worldview, and deeply value collaborating with Māori and Pacific evaluators and sector and subject experts to address evaluation questions. In my work, I actively promote the merits of evaluation and where appropriate build evaluation capacity. Through Litmus, I enjoy mentoring emerging evaluators and supporting their growth and development. My journey in evaluation continues with much more to learn and discover. I am an active member of the Australasian Evaluation Society. Currently, I am the Vice President of the Society, and Chair of the Membership Committee. Come talk with me… currently I am interested in data quality in evaluation, inequity in health care, and the role of evaluation in social innovation and people-centred design, and strengthening AES member value . I am also very open to discussing dogs, fashion, food and wine and Ireland!